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Monona Intro Session 2/9

Friday, Feb 9, 2018

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Creighton Model Introductory Session in Monona

Friday, Feb 9 at 7 PM

Thank you for considering attending a Creighton Model Introductory Session at the Monona Center. The instructor is Meredith Meinholz, FertilityCare Practitioner.

The Introductory Session will give you a basic overview of the Creighton Model System and everything you need to know to get started with charting. If you are engaged or married, you are strongly encouraged to attend the Introductory Class as a couple. The Introductory Class usually lasts about 90 minutes.

The cost for the Introductory Class is $40. At the end of the Introductory Class, if you decide to sign up to learn the method for your personal use, you will purchase the materials for an additional $25 (so, $65 total initial cost) and schedule a first follow-up session with your instructor. Please bring your planner/calendar. Each additional follow-up session costs $40, due at the time of the follow-up.

Payment is due at the time of meeting by either cash or check. We currently cannot accept online payments or credit card payments.

Event Location

Monona, WI

Event Fees

Introductory Session Attendance for woman/couple
$ 40.00
Introductory Materials
$ 25.00